Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Microprocessor of GT26CW Locomotives of Iran

One of my books.
Railways of Iran operates EMD (Electro Motive Devision) locomotives type GT26CW and GT26CW-2, G22 and some G12 locomotives as well as GE locomotives.
The huge percent of Iran railways Locomotives are GT26CW and due to the old technology the these locomotives posses, it was becoming harder to supply the spare parts. Therefore Iran railway had several option to go ahead and between those options, Iran Railway management decided to modify old and out of services locomotives by PLC system that we as a common mistake call it "microprocessor".
The benefits to use microprocessor on locomotive are: 
  1. Up to date technology
  2. Available spare parts
  3. Better performance
  4. Lower price rather than old system
  5. Easy maintenance
This new system replaces 11 module cards and several relays of GT26CW-2 locomotive and several parts and contactors and relays from GT26CW locomotives.
In addition to eliminating those parts, the maintenance cost of locomotive reduces in comparison with old type of locomotives. Of course it depends on quality of utilization.
Iran railway modified 62 locomotive by microprocessor system. I was involved in this project and had some responsibilities.
when we did the first locomotive modification, employees of Iran railways showed a kind of resist against this new generation of locomotive because they had experienced very bad memory with Alstom locomotives which were made at 2002.
I had to teach locomotive drivers to how operate units as locomotive engineers, engineers of running shops to supervising the process of maintenance repairs and fault troubleshooting.
also I had to work with the team of railway engineers to teach and train the railway technicians to repair locomotive as persons with hands on the job.
We proposed an offer to Iran railways about writing a book to be used as global reference for engineers and technicians and workers. Iran railway management accepted the proposal.
i wrote this book which is a combination of microprocessor manufacturer manual and my experience during teaching and taking care of maintenance of these locomotives.
The name of this book is "Microprocessor of GT26CW Locomotives and Its Maintenance". 
This book is being used as a technical reference in Iran railways.
I had some several meetings to introduce this book to managers of Iran railways in other provinces than Tehran. Nowadays it is being used as reference for microprocessor repair on board and microprocessor parts repair manual (maintenance instruction)
Some chapters of this book are;
  1. Microprocessor parts introduction
  2. How to operate this system
  3. How to maintenance system
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