Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Plastic Recycling Technology and Plastic Grinding Machine Design

One of my books.
At 1996 after my professor advise about searching for a project and working on it to be useful for people, I searched about plastic and decided to concentrate on this issue.
Plastics are good replacement for wood, glass, ceramic and metal. In addition to cheap prices rather than other materials, also can be retrieved easily from recycled materials and also are very easy to shape for different uses.
Plastics are derived of petrol and their main base is ethylene (C2H4).
Petroleum sources in the world are very limited and converting petroleum into plastic for human daily uses is not logic.
On the other hand, Plastics cannot be disintegrated normally in the nature. Therefore the best way to prevent nature infect and also saving petroleum for next generations is the recycling.
But plastics are divided in two different categories and surely method of recycling per each category will be different.
As I told you please are divided into 2 categories: Thermoplast (Thermo Plast) and Thermoset (Thermo Set).
Each category also has its sub-categories.
As a short description for Thermoplast palstis would say thermoplasts are a kind of plastics that liquefy by getting heat and can get the shape of container when loses the heat. This type of plastic can be heated times and times and also can be grind and get reused in other applications.
As a short description for Thermoset palstics would say thermoset plastics are a kind of plastics that cannot be reheated after the first heat up and getting shape. This category has very high rigidity and resistance against stresses, heat, chemical solvents and also have very high electrical resistance.  
Every material has its own usage for example you cannot use polyester instead of poly acrylic. Each plastic material has its own characteristics and specification that makes it appropriate for an individual application.
Recycling Technology is applicable about the Thermoplast plastics and for Thermoset plastics different method must be used.
Waste plastics must be collected from home made plastics or industrial wastes. At any circumstances those plastics must be de-germ and other actions must be done on it util the waste plastics gets converted into granule. This produced granule can be used to re-produce plastic materials and products.
In this book I have explained about plastics and each categories' subset plastics and each subset's usage.
Then I have explained the method of reducing parasites and washing procedure, separation of different type of composites and producing granule.
In one of the chapters of book, I have shown the design calculation of grinding machine of plastic.
This book was published at 1999 and received approval of Department of Environment of Iran.
I got the international reward for this action and at the same time certificate of invention.
This book needs to be updated because since 1999 it has not been reviewed.

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