Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Technology of Paper Recycling

Traditionally we use woods of trees to produce paper and at the end the paper that we have produced easily become scrap and we throw them out without considering the large amount of energy consumed to produce the paper in addition to the amount of woods that we have to get from trees. In order to get the wood, we have to cut the trees in the forest and it means that we kill a tree that has taked years and years to grow up and get to that age.
Do you know that in order to produce one ton paper out of wood, we must cut at least 15 trees? But we can produce one ton paper by recycling exactly one ton scrap paper and in this way avoid cutting 15 trees. Now consider it in the worldwide usage and the amount of trees that we can save if we recycle papers.
Of course in addition to it, by recycling the papers we can reduce the consumption of energy to 0.25 (one fourth) of energy that we need to produce paper from wood.
Also the consumption of water decreases to 0.01 (one percent) of the water used for the paper produced from wood.
We know that papers have classifications and definitely some papers are good to be recycled and used again for good quality papers. It does not mean that other papers such as carton boards and pasteboards are not good for recycling but also they can be recycled to be used as artificial paper for fruit pockets etc.
Originally this book is in English and I have translated it into Persian (Parsi or Farsi).
In this book, the author explains about paper and its appearance and then explains about different methods and standards of paper productions and superiority and deficiency of each method in comparison with each other.
It also explains that to produce different kind of paper what kind of trees should be used and the what the ingredients of paper producing process is?
It offers all scientific calculations about the paper industries and logic of paper production.
After describing all different type of papers and circumstance to produce them, it explains about recycling technologies and conditions to prepare all different type of papers.
I just wanted to have a short description of this book.
If you like to have this book in English, its name is "Technology of Paper Recycling".
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